Welcome to GMTMaster1675.com, a website dedicated to the iconic Rolex GMT-Master model 1675. Over the past decades, the GMT-Master – and its longest running model the 1675 – has risen with the popularity of vintage watches to become a sought-after cornerstone of collections everywhere. Many collectors (like myself) found themselves entranced by the history and beauty of the GMT but quickly were daunted by the sheer number of variations over its long production run. After having a fair amount examples pass through my hands (and many more load on my screen), I thought that sharing what I learned could serve as an homage to those who had taught me. So, with the help of friends and astute collectors, I bandied together this site in hopes of helping the “watchfam.”

Good hunting…



Some Notes: This site is meant as a collectors reference but no statements I make here are meant as dogma or anything close, just one man’s observations and a collection of knowledge from the watch community. There are controversial points to what is correct and not and I try to mention these outright and make my most educated assessment. But, in the end, this is a posteriori knowledge and not ‘official’ in the least.

The site is updated as new information is brought to my attention. If there are honest watches with something that does not match what is written herein, please tell me – we should get to the bottom of it together! I claim no responsibility for collectors’ purchases based on the information obtained from this website, please do more homework than just coming here and above all – buy the seller. The site was put together in the hope that collectors continue to focus on this as a hobby with true scholarship and camaraderie rather than for investment or monetary gain.

If you’re interested in Rolex sports watches, I’ve also created a reference website for the Explorer 1016, feel free to check it out and learn more about that iconic model as well.

Special credit goes to:

  • JP (AKA “springer” on Rolex Forums) and Bill on PuristSPro, for their foundational contributions to the dial variants (especially the matte dial system) and continuous help to everyone on all questions GMT-related.
  • Jacek Kozubek of HQ Milton, Michael Morgan of Iconic Watch Company, and Beaumont Miller II, for their bevy of pictures.
  • To those I have credited throughout the site for their scholarship, to those who donated additional pictures, and to those who helped me edit.



GMTMaster1675.com is not affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, or any of its subsidiaries. Seems like everyone else puts this up so why not.

Top Picture Credit: Bexsonn