Type A

Serial Number Range: 875xxx-11xxxxx

General Notes: The Type A non-chapter ring gilt dial is colloquially called the “swiss only” dial. The is because it has ‘Swiss’ at the 6 o’clock position while the similar appearing Type C dial has ‘Swiss T<25’. Notably, the Type B dial also has ‘Swiss’ at the bottom. As explained on that page, however, the Type B’s can have ‘double swiss’ printing while these Type A dials only ever have one. The Type A’s are frequently seen with underlines but have not been seen with exclamation points.

Though the Type C ‘Swiss T<25’ dials also start around 875xxx, the Type C is likely a later dial as it runs the latest and is identical to the font of the Mark 0 matte dial. Also, whereas Type A’s & B’s are only seen in PCG cases, the Type C starts in PCG cases and continues into the later rounded crown guard cases.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The A and C dials fonts are very similar. The main differences are:

  • ‘Swiss’ only (Type A) and ‘Swiss T<25’ (Type C)
  • ‘Oyster Perpetual’: The Type A dial has very long letters that appear smashed together and the C dial has more even spacing. The easiest letter to look at is the A in perpetual.