Type B

Serial Number Ranges: 875xxx-876xxx, 1004xxx-114xxxx

General Notes: The Type B dial has many variations. While the Type A “swiss only” can be seen with underlines, the Type B is almost always seen with an underline, extra ‘swiss’ marking, or combinations of both. These watches were created close to the end of the pointed crown guard era and can be seen with both the Cornino and broad PCG case.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • The quickest way to distinguish the Type B’s is to look at it’s tall and stringy coronet. Of any other dial iteration, it looks closest to the Mark I matte dial.
  • The ‘Rolex’ font has right-angled serifs on the ‘L’ and ‘E’ as compared to the 60 degree slopes on the Type A & C.
  • The ‘Oyster Perpetual’ and SCOC have wider middle E bars than the Type A & C.
  • The ‘swiss’ font on the Type B is smaller and further down on the dial than the Type A dial.


  1. Underline single Swiss
  2. Non-underline double Swiss (Swiss T<25/Swiss)
  3. Underline double Swiss (Swiss/Swiss)
  4. Non-underline single Swiss

I have not yet seen a non-underline double Swiss (Swiss/Swiss) or an underline double Swiss (Swiss T<25/Swiss). Additionally, within all of the marking variations, there are some seen with ‘radial’ lume plots that are set more centrally. There are even a few “Triple Swiss” dials out there. Edmond Saran of Le Monde Edmond has put together an excellent article on the double swiss here.


Picture Credits: Andrew Shear, Phillips, HQ Milton, A-zon on Timezone, Lee Fowler