Type B

Serial Number Ranges: 875xxx-876xxx, 1004xxx-114xxxx

Notes: The Type B dial is one of special markings only. While the Type A “Swiss Only” can be seen with underlines, the Type B is only seen with an underline, double swiss, or the combination. These are rare variants of the non-chapter ring gilt dial. I have not seen a Type B dial without one of these extras and while I am sure a few exist, vet them carefully so you are not left with an altered dial.

The best way to distinguish the Type B’s coronet and basic text, vis-a-vis the other non-chapter ring dials, is through its tall and stringy coronet. Of any other dial iteration, it looks closest to the Mark I matte dial. Don’t stop there though! There are many further idiosyncrasies to the Type B. The ‘Rolex’ font is identified by the right-angled serifs on the ‘L’ and ‘E’ as compared to the 60 degree slopes on the Types A and C. The ‘oyster perpetual’ and SCOC text are unique as well (which can be seen best in the ‘longer’ middle E bars). Lastly, the ‘swiss’ font is moved down to the very bottom of the dial as compared to the Type B “Swiss Only” dial.

These dials exist in three main flavors: underline single swiss, non-underline double swiss (swiss T<25/swiss), and underline double swiss (swiss/swiss). I have not yet seen a non-underline double swiss (swiss/swiss) or a underline double swiss (swiss T<25/swiss). Additionally, within all of the marking variations, there are some seen with ‘radial’ lume plots that are set more centrally. There are even a few “Triple Swiss” dials out there – confusing, I know. See the pictures below for a better idea. Also, Edmond Saran of Le Monde Edmond has put together an excellent article on the double swiss here. His site is one of my favorites and I encourage you to look through it when you have time.

These Type B dials clock in close to the end of the pointed crown guard era but should only come in PCG / ‘Cornino’ cases.


Picture Credits: Andrew Shear (1), Phillips (2), HQ Milton (3 & 4), A-zon on Timezone (5 & 6), Lee Fowler (7 & 8)