Black Dials

The same black dials were used in the gold 1675/8s and the two-tone 1675/3s. The fonts used on these black dials are the same as three of the brown dials (the Mark 3, 4, and 5). These dials were constructed in the same manner as the Mark 5 brown dial, which had a layer of gloss over the background color layer. First, the black background color was applied directly to a brass metal plate. Second, the layer of lacquer was applied to the dial and a soliel (sunburst) finish was applied. Third, text and minute markers were printed on top of the lacquer in gold. Fourth, gold hour markers were applied, and lume was inserted into a slot in the middle. Due to the shape of these applied hour markers, both the brown and black dials in the 1675/3 and 1675/8 are colloquially referred to as “nipple dials.” Unlike most of the brown dials, the black dials are all lacquered and thus glossy in appearance.

Below is a list of the black dial variations with links to each page, which you can also access through the drop down menu.

Mark 1 | Mark 2 | Mark 3

Note: The To create a unified catalogue with each dial classified by a single designation, the brown dials for 1675/3s begin with the Mark 2.