Gilt Dials

First off, what are gilt dials? The term “gilt” or “gilt/gloss” refers to dials of the GMT 1675 that were created by a galvanic coating process and appears on the GMT until 1967. Galvanization generally refers to a method of coating metals with another substance through a chemical reaction that binds them together. In this case, the dials were dipped in an electrified black ‘paint,’ causing deposition of the liquid onto the dial plate. Source

1964 Double Swiss non-underline Dial B 14xxxxx CloseIn a multi-step process, the dials were first stamped with a coating that delineated the text and markers. This coating would stop the the black substance, which was applied next, from adhering to those parts of the dial. Subsequently, a clear lacquer was placed over the printing. After lacquering, further text (such as underlines, depth ratings, etc.) could be added. Finally, the hour markers in radium or tritium were applied. Source

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