Mark 3

Serial Number Range: 41xxxxx – 54xxxxx

Notes: Also called the “Radial Dial,” the Mark 3 is defined not by it’s font but by it’s lume plot placement. Relative to all the other versions of the matte dial 1675, the lume plots on this dial are moved more centrally, giving it a unique cleanliness of spacing. Additionally, the font is a new direction compared to the previous dials: there is a slenderness to the lettering and serifs return but with some restraint. The GMT-Master font is much different than the rest of the dial and the SC/OC is tall and narrow relative to the other variations. The lume is lightly waffled and the font printing is very prominent – from the right angle the white printing appears very three dimensional and domed.

The good people over at VWC Limited have produced a nice essay with an in-depth description of the Mark 3 dial and what to look for – it’s a deeper dive for those who are interested.

Of all the matte variations this is the most easily recognizable and, for some, the most desirable. Especially with the ‘blueberry’ bezel and all red GMT hand, as seen below.


Picture Credit: HQ Milton (1), Lee Fowler (2 & 3)