The Dial

You thought 21 pages on dial variations was enough? Ha! Here’s more.

Dimensions: 1675 dials are 27.30 mm in diameter.

Dial Feet: The 1675/0 (steel version) dial feet should be found at 6 o’clock and 11:30 to accommodate the calibres 1565 or 1575.

Dial Makers: The dial makers are various and the common dial stamps seen on the back are from Singer (Gilt Dials, Matte Mark 0, 1, 2), Beyeler (Matte Mark 3, 5), Lemrich (Matte Mark 2.5, 4, 5A) as shown below. I haven’t had recent access to a Matte 1.5, 5B, or 6 dial so I would appreciate information on these dial makers.