Mark 5 Brown

Serial Number Range: 52xxxxx-60xxxxx

General Notes: This dial is a production dial both on the steel and gold cased 1675/3 and gold 1675/8 during the 1970s. It is also used as a service dial for earlier 1675/3 and 1675/8 watches, so if a 1675/3 or /8 has this dial and serial number below 5m, it is likely a service replacement. The Mark 5 brown dial stops the use of the matted, grainy surface seen on Mark 2, 3, and 4 dials and transitions to the glossy dial most associated with the 1980s.

Subtypes: None

Distinguishing Characteristics: The Mark 5 brown dial is easily distinguished from the other dials by the sharp, serifed print and the glossy, soliel (or sunburst) finish of the surface. These dials can also be referred to as “Tiger Eye” dials for this reflectivity.

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Due to the new type of finishing, many of these dials have aged around the applied metal markers and at the edges of the dial. Some collectors value this, others do not. It’s up to the buyer and seller if this increases or decreases the value of the watch. Note: This aging can happen without water damage. If this is the case, the glossy lacquer should be intact. If there is water damage, the lacquer is often cracked or peeling.