Mark 2

Serial Number Range: 28xxxxx-39xxxxx, 505xxxx-519xxxx*

Notes: The Mark 2 dial is very well balanced and has a nice boldness to the font so that people across the room could see your watch said ROLEX. The coronet is very similar to that of the Type C / Mark 0 but the ROLEX font is thicker and with a much different character to the E, amongst others. Oddly, the L and E maintain their close relationship relative to the rest of the word, similar to the Mark 1 / 1.5. The ‘oyster perpetual’ and lower text retain the heavy serifs of the Mark 1.5. The lume is flat and does not maintain the waffling of the late Mark 1.


*There have been several original owner examples with Mark 2 dials and low 5 million SN’s in this range. It is possible that Rolex used some left over MK2 dials in these cases. Some have said that this was a service dial used in that period but that would only make sense if those watches had a service case and not a service dial as, if it had a Mk 2 as a service dial, it would be on serial numbers earlier than the normal dial/SN rage (i.e. you have an earlier dial that was replaced with a MK2 at service). That is not the case here and if they were service cases why would they all have MK2 dials – we would have probably seen a variety of earlier dials and we do not have any knowledge of this range being used as a service case (though sure, it’s possible). This is a syllogism and not proof positive though, so look to the merits of the watch and not only my conjecture.