Mark 2

Serial Number Range: 28xxxxx-39xxxxx, 505xxxx-519xxxx*

General Notes: The Mark 2 dial is well balanced and easily identified by the bold thickness of the font.

*There have been multiple original owner examples with Mark 2 dials and this small 5 million case SN range. It is unclear why this additional range of cases is seen but it is well described. It would not make sense for these to be service dials, because if the watches had a MK2 as a “service dial,” it would be on serial numbers earlier than the normal dial-SN rage (i.e. you have an earlier dial that was replaced with a MK2 at service) and/or it would be on watches in the intervening period (3.9-5.0m). Neither of these scenarios appear to have been seen. Additionally, if they were service cases, why would they all have MK2 dials. The small range with this specific dial only makes sense if there was a batch of dials left over and was put into the (then) current case numbers.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • The coronet is very similar to that of the Type C & Mark 0 dials.
  • The ‘Rolex’ printing is thick and the letters are more square than other matte dials, the majority of which are much wider than they are tall.
  • The L and E in ‘Rolex’ are spaced much closer to each other than the rest of the letters.
  • The ‘Oyster Perpetual’ and SCOC text retain the heavy serifs of the Mark 1.5.
  • The lume is flat and does not appear as waffled as the late Mark 1 dials.


Picture Credit: Beaumont Miller, Michael Morgan