Chapter Ring

General Notes: The chapter-ringed Submariner and GMT Master are the earliest versions of the gilt/gloss dials and were produced until 1964. While its contribution is a purely aesthetic one, the chapter ring adds a visual cue and layer of concentricity while maintaining the simple elegance of the layout.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The chapter ring iterations of the 1675 dial are generally split into 4 dial types. The first is the hold-over “Officially Certified / Chronometer” dial from the 6542, when Rolex used the 1535 movement. The others are variations of the standard “Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified” text and indicated an upgraded 1565 calibre. The special markings seen on particular iterations makes categorization especially important to verification and there is a separate pages about these.

It is easiest to use the menu above to navigate to each dial iteration (use the arrows to expand the submenus) but here is the chapter ring site list: