Chapter Ring

The chapter-ringed Submariner and GMT Master are the earliest versions of the gilt/gloss dials and were put into watches as late as 1964. While its contribution is a purely aesthetic one, the chapter ring adds a visual cue and layer of concentricity while maintaining the simple elegance of the layout. The chapter ring versions of the 1675 dial are many. While there are multiple variations of fonts and special markings, the most striking change is the evolution from the   first generation’s “Officially Certified / Chronometer” lower text to the “Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified” that would be the standard bearer for all future iterations.  Additionally, the fact that some special markings are usually found within particular font types makes categorization especially important to verification.

I have written about the SCOC dial types in contrast to each other because it seemed to help me distinguish them and I suspect it will help you (I wish I would do this for the matte dials but there are just too many!). I have split things up into the four font types and added a separate page for the underlines and exclamation points:

  1. OCC Dial (Type 0)
    • Normal and Underline
  2. SCOC Dial