The Date Wheel

Despite this being a site to help collectors assess examples of the 1675 for significant issues, errors, and fakery, even I think examining the date wheel is going a bit far. If you’re someone who won’t buy a watch because of a service date wheel, please re-examine your life. But I digress.

Basing things on conventional wisdom of people way more obsessive than I, there’s been somewhat of a consensus that these date wheel types have been observed on the 1675:

  1. Early 1960’s to Middle 1960’s (this is the hazy one): probably date wheel with a round 3, closed 6 & 9, and flat 7
  2. Middle 1960’s to Late 1960’s: date wheel with a round 3, closed 6 & 9, and hooked 7
  3. Early/Mid 1970’s: date wheel with a flat 3 and open 6 & 9
  4. Mid/Late 1970’s to Early 1980’s: date wheel with a round 3 and open 6 & 9, silver brushed

Pictures Forthcoming