Non-Chapter Ring

The move away from chapter rings began and 1963 and while collectors continue looking back to them, Rolex hasn’t. The general layout of these dials, with minute hashes that extend to the edge of the dial, were maintained until the far past the end of the 1675 model line. These gilt non-chapter ring models, which span from 1963-1967, also incorporate the crown guard evolution that occurred in 1964. The Type A and B dials are exclusively of the older PCG / “Cornino” variety and the Type C dials are in the later rounded crown guard cases (though early Type C’s are seen in PCG cases).

The main textual motifs are as follows: the non-chapter ring gilt dials all have “Rolex / Oyster Perpetual” on the upper half and the SCOC text on the lower half. The only evolution from the chapter ring SCOC text is the lack of hyphen between “Oyster” and “Perpetual” on the upper half, which is present on all chapter ring iterations. Look to the individual dial type pages for were we get into the font and logo idiosyncrasies.

Opinions being what they are, some like these gilt dials more than the chapter ring, others less. One comment that several collectors have made to me is that the gloss lacquer on these dials is much thicker than on the chapter ringed variants and thought to be less prone to cracking and spidering. But, like anything that is over 50 years old, handle them all with equal care and reverence.

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