Non-Chapter Ring

General Notes: The move away from chapter rings began in 1963. The general layout of these new dials, which utilized minute hashes without a connecting outer track, have been used by Rolex until the present. These gilt & non-chapter ring models, which span from 1963-1967, also incorporate the crown guard evolution that occurred in 1964. The Type A and B dials are exclusively of the older pointed crown guard varieties, while the Type C dials start in PCG cases and are made into the rounded crown guard era.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Dial Printing: The non-chapter ring gilt dials all have ‘Rolex / Oyster Perpetual’ on the upper half and SCOC on the lower half. The only other consistent change in the printing, apart from the lack of chapter ring, is that these new dials drop the hyphen between ‘Oyster’ and ‘Perpetual’ that was present on all chapter ring dials.
  • Lacquering: There is a notable difference in the gloss lacquer on late gilt dials: it is much more thickly applied and reflects like a mirror when the dial is in good condition. The earlier dials, even in great condition, usually have a slight texture that can be seen as the lacquer is more delicate. No matter what, all dials should have a depth to the text at the edge of the gilt lettering/printing, otherwise you should be suspicious of a relacquered dial.

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