Mark 2.5

Serial Number Range: 29xxxxx – 39xxxxx

Notes: The Mark 2.5, much like it’s half brother the 1.5 … alright, I’ll stop with the bad jokes. The Mark 2.5 is also a later addition to the catalogue of matte dials and, while between the Mark 2 and 3 in serial range, doesn’t really share much with either. Compared to the elegant coronet of the Mark 2, this crown is splayed but not yet elongated as on the Mark 3. The ROLEX text is full of exaggerated serifs that almost overtake parts of the letters (R, L, E, I’m looking at you) and the remainder of the dial is closer to that of the Mark 0 than the previous Marks, also without serifs and now with ‘long’-ish E’s. You can see the ‘s’ in Superlative and ‘o’ of Officially slightly taller than the rest of the characters in each line. A bit of a mish-mash, but charming in it’s own right.


Picture Credit: Rolstaff of TRF (1 & 2), Michael Morgan (3 & 4)