Mark 2.5

Serial Number Range: 29xxxxx – 39xxxxx

General Notes: The Mark 2.5 is also a later addition to the catalogue of matte dials and, while between the Mark 2 and 3 in serial range, it doesn’t share many font characteristics with either as each were produced by a different parts supplier for Rolex.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Compared to the coronet of the Mark 2, this crown is splayed and is not elongated like the Mark 3.
  • The ‘Rolex’ text is full of exaggerated serifs, especially in the letters R, L, and E.
  • The remainder of the dial fonts are closer to that of the Mark 0 than the previous Marks, also without serifs and with longer middle E bars.
  • The S in ‘Superlative’ and O of ‘Officially’ are slightly taller than the rest of the characters in each line.


Picture Credit: Rolstaff of TRF, Michael Morgan