Mark 1.5

Serial Number Range: 16xxxxx – 25xxxxx

General Notes: The Mark 1.5 was incongruously named as such because it was noted after the original series of dials was established and both the serial range and dial fonts match the Mark 1 closely.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • This dial is best differentiated from the Mark 1 by its longer character serifs, especially evident in the LEX of Rolex. The middle bar of the E has a unique V shaped serif. The bar itself is slightly shorter to compensate and the ‘X’ is elongated/shifted slightly the left, starting on top of the second ‘e’ in perpetual rather than just to the right of it.
  • The GMT-Master & SCOC text is spaced the same as the Mark 1 but also has longer serifs throughout.

Subtypes: The hands, lume, and case subtypes follow the same guidelines as the Mark 1.


Puffy Lume SN 1.8m

Mark 1.5

Puffy Lume SN 1.72m (Picture Credit: @q_watches)