Mark 0

Serial Number Range: 138xxxx*-16xxxxx

General Notes: The Mark 0 dial is the first iteration of matte dial. Initially, the Mark 1 “Long E” dial was thought to be the first matte dial. Later, this dial was rediscovered – with lower serial numbers and identical printing to the Type C gilt dial – so the ‘Mark 0’ it was.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The coronets and fonts are identical to the Type C and and the watch maintains the gilt era small GMT hand. The lume should be flat to puffy, like the late gilts produced at the same time, and react to UV like the early Mark 1 dials. Some of these can been seen with a 1565 calibre – more evidence of their transitional nature – while the Mark 1 and on are seen with the 1575.


Left Picture Credit: HQ Milton

*this early serial Mark 0 (right picture) was a recently uncovered original-owner example.