Mark 0

Serial Number Range: 138xxxx*-16xxxxx

Notes: The Mark 0 dial represents the first iteration of matte dials that would grace the 1675 for the rest of it’s production line. Whereas the Mark 1 ‘long-E’ dial was long thought to be the earliest dial (when accompanied by the small GMT hand), this dial is seen earlier and, as compared to the Type C gilt dial, is identical in coronet and fonts. Following Occam’s Razor we have ourselves the first matte dial, i.e. Mark 0. I won’t go through a dissection of the font because of the similarity to the Type C and since there’s no preceding matte dial to compare it against. The lume should be flat to puffy, like the late gilts produced at the same time, and react to UV like the early Mark 1 dials.

Some of these can been seen with the 1565 movement, evidence of their transitional nature, while the Mark 1 and on are seen with the 1575 (non-hacking at first). I am not sure who first established the Mark 0 but, as with most things in the matte category, JP (springer) on TRF brought them to my attention and we all owe him thanks for this and the original matte dial categorization.


Left Picture Credit: HQ Milton

*this early serial Mark 0 (right picture) was a recently uncovered original-owner example and came with papers verifying the serial