Type 1 (SCOC)

Serial Number Range: 503xxx-696xxx

General Notes: This dial is the earliest variant of the “Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified” (SCOC) dial on the 1675. This designation continues on Rolex watches through today.

Subtypes: To my knowledge, there are no underlines or exclamation points seen with this dial iteration.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Type 1 vs Type 2:

  • Coronet: The coronet of the Type 1 has a characteristically small base and is skinnier than the other chapter-ring coronets, looking a bit more like a child’s drawing. The Type 2’s is larger, wider, and has a longer but flat and symmetric base.
  • Font Differences: The Type 2 has a flat and wide top of the A in “Master,” a stretched top and bottom portions of the S in “Superlative,” and a skinnier O in “Officially.”

Type 1 vs Type 3:

  • Coronet: Again, the Type 1 has a much skinnier base, with a small hole, and appears lopsided. The Type 3 is wide based, with a clear angle between the bottom and sides, with a larger hole, and is balanced.
  • Font Differences: The serifs in the lower bar of the L and the upper and lower bars of the E in Rolex are much larger and more angular on the Type 3. In the Type 1, the left edge of the L in Rolex lines up perfectly with the first P of ‘Perpetual’ and ends over the R whereas the Type 3 L starts to the left of the P and ends over the E.


Picture Credit: HQ Milton