Rolex GMT Master 1675

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model Name // Number: GMT Master // 1675
  • Year: 1967

About this Model: As this site is dedicated to the 1675, I will leave you to read more about the Mark 1 Matte Dial here.


About My Example: This ‘Mark 1’ came to me through the son of the original owner. He was a decorated US Army officer (credit to Bob for this correction) and bought his GMT while abroad in Europe. As the original owner had passed away, his son didn’t know much about where it came from but was able to find some pictures of his father wearing it during his service.

Officer Cropped.jpg

Despite missing the crown when I purchased it, this example was in excellent condition and came with a few perks such as the original fat font fuchsia bezel, a full case with it’s original chamfers intact, and punched chronometer papers. The hands have patinated to darker than the dial, which is both common and speaks to the unprepared originality of the piece.