Heuer Carrera 2447P

  • Brand: Heuer
  • Model Name // Number: Carrera // 2447P
  • Year: 1967

About This Model: This is one of the trio of iconic Heuer chronographs, along with the Autavia and Monaco. Jeff Stein’s excellent OnTheDash can tell you all you would like to know about the Carrera. This is the first generation 3-register model with a doctor’s pulsation scale for measuring heart rates.

About my Example: This was one of the more roundabout acquisitions I’ve ever be a part of. Thinking back, I’m shocked it came off.

The 2447P is an elusive watch. The “P” is one of the rarest iterations of the iconic 3-register Carrera, with an estimated 8-12 known in the community. Having only started collecting a few years before finding this one–and with the rise of the status of Heuer–I always assumed that it was one of the many unobtainable pulsations chronographs I would stare at in books rather than on the wrist.

One evening, I decided to look on Jeff Stein’s chronotrader sales forum and thought, “Hmm, I wonder if anyone’s ever sold a P on here?” I searched the forum and, to my surprise, found an OHPF (on hold pending funds) post from a gentleman named Marco who’d sold the watch several years back. I reached out to him, thinking that the worst that could happen is my not receiving a response. To my surprise, he responded and was kind enough to give me the contact information of the collector who he sold it to. This led me through a series of two further sales and purchases before finding out that the watch currently resided with an air traffic controller in New Brunswick, Canada.

Again, Lady Luck was with me. Not only was this collector willing to sell me the P, but he’d decided to sell much of his collection and had a 3147N and 2447NST on the docket as well! As someone who’s goal is to maintain a small but curated collection of pulsations chronographs, I called a few friends and fellow collectors who I knew would be interested in these other two watches. A week later, we purchased the trio and the week after that, we met up for dinner and opened the horological cornucopia. While I think I got the pick of the litter, we all made out pretty well in the end.

Featured Image Credit: Heuerworld.com