Rolex Explorer 1016

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model Name // Number: Explorer // 1016
  • Year: 1962

About this Model: I have another reference website dedicated to the 1016 Explorer, follow this link to learn all about them. This model is the “Type 2”.

About My Example: This one has a fun acquisition story. I tend to have feelers out for vintage watches and occasionally hear about things coming up for sale. I first came to know about this example when it was scheduled to be sold at an estate sale. I called the estate agent to enquire and after several unsuccessful attempts, eventually got through – only to find out that the watch would only be sold on the premises the morning the sale started. I was not local to the sale but gave him my thoughts about what it was worth and told him to call me if the owners were interested.

A few days later, he told me the watch would be pulled from the sale but that he’d had two others who were also interested. He said that he’d like to do a one bid auction — we each send him our best offer and the highest offer would get the watch. I circled the wagons, calling my watch collector friends to confirm what I thought would be a competitive bid. Two days later, on the scheduled morning of the bid entry, I called and told him my offer. An hour later he told me I’d outbid one of the bidders, a gentleman from California, but that he hadn’t heard from the other collector, who was in Japan. Two hours later, I hadn’t heard anything more and assumed I’d lost out to that collector. Then he called and said the other collector had never sent in a bid and the watch was mine.

When it arrived, the watch was better that I could have hoped for. In addition to the watch itself, the rivet bracelet had never been worn and was as perfect as the day it left the factory. Not only that, but the box it came in was an unusual Rolex box. It was from the esteemed Philippe Beguin of Geneva, the same dealer that sold the famous 6062 to Bao Dai eight years before this watch.

It was my first 1016. Prior to this, my interest in them had been middling, but since then I’ve seen the light and recognized that they are probably my favorite Rolex sports watch outside the 1675. If you ever have the chance to own one, they are well worth the money. They work on every wrist and in every situation.